Disc Springs or Conical washers are conically-shaped, washer-type components designed to be axially loaded. What makes Disc Springs unique is that based on the standardized calculations of DIN6796, the deflection for a given load is predictable and the minimum life cycle can be determined.

Disc Springs can be statically loaded either continuously or intermittently, or dynamically subjected to continuous load cycling. They can be used singly or in multiples, stacked parallel, in series or in a combination thereof.

The advantages of Disc Springs compared to other types of springs include the following:

• A wide range of load/deflection characteristics

• High load capacity with small deflection

• Space savings – high load to size ratio

• Consistent performance under design loads

• Longer fatigue life

• Inherent dampening especially with parallel stacking

• Flexibility in stack arrangement to meet your application requirements

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